Willie’s Still Standing

“I don’t want to be the last man standing.  Or wait a minute, maybe I do. If you don’t mind I’ll start a new line and decide after thinking it through.”*

*Willie Nelson’s newest song at 85 years young touches on more than age and dying. His song, Last Man Standing, was just released.

Did I mention he is 85 years old?  His voice is as strong and “Willie-like” as ever.

I have a Willie story. I went to a Willie Nelson concert at John T Floore’s Country Store in Flores Texas.  We arrived early so that I could stand in front of the stage.  The rest of my group didn’t mind standing 30 feet away from the stage.  But I did, so I planted myself upfront.

As the people started pouring in, many tried to push me back, but I held my ground.  I was now 3 rows back.  The singing began, and I was on every word, every chord, because I knew every song.  Mid-way through the concert, I was sure he was looking at me.  I was so sure because when I smiled, of course I thought he smiled back.  But then the greatest thing happened.

willie nelson's hat

He took off his hat and threw it right into my hands.  Now picture this.  I’m standing in front surrounded by young, tall men and women.  I reached up seconds before anyone because I was sure he would throw it my way.  And since he did, I was the one who caught it.  Then something strange happened.

The guy standing next to me, grabbed it. He grabbed it hard, even after I had it in my hand.  He tried to pull it from my hands and in the shuffle, he tore the rim of the hat.  But I held on. Tight.

I wasn’t planning on wearing it, but I certainly have held on to it all of these years.  Imagine the numerous times I’ve been able to share that story and proudly show off my hat!  And yes, I was right! Willie WAS looking straight at me and telling me through his eyes, the hat was coming my way.

Now, many years later, he is smiling at me again.  I’ve disrupted aging, just like Willie.  I’m as tough as ever, frazzled around the edges, but still going strong.

Watch for my interview soon airing on Aging Courageously .

“Forever don’t apply to life!”

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