The Top Business Books of 2018 That All Entrepreneurs Should Read

By Geoffrey James Contributing editor,

I’ve published a list of best business books every year since 2011. However, it’s difficult to create a good list because the terms “best” and “business book” are so damnably vague. Does “best” mean well-written? Most useful? Best-selling? And what, exactly, is a “business book?” Do inspirational books count? What about CEO victory laps? Biographies?

To get around all this ambiguity, I’m limiting this year’s list to books that everyone in the business world should read, because it will give them perspective on the major trends that will influence how business is conducted over the next decade. I’ve therefore avoided books specific to corporate roles (like Sales or Management) and the entire “how to” genre (I may post separate “best of” lists for those categories, so stay tuned.)

Until then, though, here are the seven books that you simply MUST READ by the end of the year…

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