The Picture of an Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur with 17 years in teaching entrepreneurship and want to share my skills, knowledge, and resources.  However, I haven’t yet mastered the marketing tools I need in order to reach my target customer.   Secret: Don’t let anyone who is now successful tell you how to become successful.  If you are like me, telling me won’t work.  I have to use the tools, experiment, screw up and eventually get it right.

Entrepreneurship is not something you learn from a book.  You learn by doing.

I have an example of what I mean.

My sisters and I went on a road trip in Colorado.  One sister borrowed her son’s gopro. This camera is easy to use and captures everything in front of it.  Just turn it on.

He told her how to use it as they were heading to the airport to catch the flight to meet us in Denver.  The first day she had forgotten she had it.  The next day, however, she brought it along and held it out of the window as we are driving through the Rocky Mountains.  The road was clear but there was still snow, and coming from South Texas, seeing snow brought out the kid in all of us.  We even put John Denver music on, particularly Rocky Mountain High!

We were excited that we would have great video to share of this particular drive.


She held the gopro backwards. Facing her.  None of us knew, especially her, as you can see by the video.  She had no idea that every facial expression was being recorded, up close and personal you might say.  At one point she thought she could look through the camera and see what was being recorded, as you can tell by the nose hairs and eyeballs taking up the entire screen.

Warning:  Do not try this.

Now if I told you we laughed for days, I’d be lying.  We are still laughing, and this was last year.  One sister wants to share it with the Ellen show.

I just look at it and say, “This is me”.  I sometimes feel like a fool. I look like this when learning to use things that could be so beneficial if only I’d stop and learn how to use them, no matter how difficult or easy it is to use.   One of Stephen Covey’s 7 habits, from his book 7 Habits of Successful People, tells of the woodchopper in the forest cutting down a tree but working so hard and not making much progress.

When someone suggested he stop and sharpen his saw, the woodchopper said, “I can’t.  I don’t have time.”

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