Starting over after 50 is not easy.

Nevertheless, every day more men and women over 50 are starting businesses than ever before. Join Dr. Anita Leffel, founder of SFA, for a conversation about what it takes to start over – I mean REALLY start over.

Date: September 29, 2018
Time: 11am
How to watch: *Facebook live*

Reading suggestions:

Wisdom @ Work  Chip Conley

Part manifesto and part playbook, Wisdom@Work ignites an urgent conversation about ageism in the workplace, calling on us to treat age as we would other type of diversity. In the process, Conley liberates the term “elder” from the stigma of “elderly,” and inspires us to embrace wisdom as a path to growing whole, not old. 

Listen to any or all of Brene Brown’s books and TED talks. 

Her website:

She believes that vulnerability – the willingness to be “all in” even when you know it can mean failing and hurting – is brave. She does NOT believe that cussing and praying are mutually exclusive. And, she absolutely believes that the passing lane is for passing only.

Listen to Jane Fonda’s Ted talk

Within this generation, an extra 30 years have been added to our life expectancy — and these years aren’t just a footnote. Jane Fonda asks how we can re-imagine this new phase of our lives.

How Do I Get There from Here by George H. Schofield, Ph.D.

Challenge the way you think about retirement. Not long ago everyone knew what the word “retirement” meant. The expectation was that you worked until age 65-and then coasted through your golden years courtesy of a comfortable nest egg. Today, when living to 90 is common, when savings are slim, when people work longer and change jobs frequently, clinging to an outdated concept of retirement gets you nowhere.

Disrupt Aging by Jo Ann Jenkins, President AARP

In Disrupt Aging, Jenkins focuses on three core areas–health, wealth, and self–to show us how to embrace opportunities and change the way we look at getting older. Here, she chronicles her own journey and that of others who are making their mark as disrupters to show readers how we can be active, healthy, and happy as we get older. Through this powerful and engaging narrative, she touches on all the important issues facing people 50+ today, from caregiving and mindful living to building age-friendly communities and making our money last.

May you live to be 120 

There is an old Jewish wish, may you live to be 120 years old.   As a boomer now, I’ve come to realize that these tales offer me a sense of hope:  instead of being perhaps only 25 years away from my end of life, not having completed what I’d hope to, maybe I could have 60 more years?  If I knew I had that much more time, my imagination runs wild with the potential in front of me!

Aging Workforce  

Paul was a director of operations in a large company.  He was called into a meeting, which he thought would be a planning session.  It turned out he was fired.  Unexpectedly. Paul was 64.


Entrepreneurship With Anita Leffel (podcast)  


How to start over  

I’ve always been a person who believes you must be in a ready mode for opportunities. Starting over, however over the age of 55 is not easy. I didn’t expect it to be.

Mastering a Mindset of Loving to Win Without Hating to Lose

Over the years, I also learned through trial-and-error that putting myself in the shoes of someone else by memorizing quotations was an easy method of ego-transcendence. I’d transcribe these quotes onto note cards and kept them in big stacks on my nightstand.

Podcast:  Lewis Howes

Interview of Marissa Peer a  British psychologist

The way we feel really comes down to the pictures we have in our head and the words that we say. It’s as simple as that.

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