New Weekly Resource Links! (Week of 10/15)

What Baby Boomers can learn from Millennials at work – and vice versa

What would happen if we got intentional about how we all work together?

Podcasting is the New Blogging

Not as a way to make big dollars (blogging didn’t do that either). But as a way to share your ideas, to lead your community, to earn trust.

Don’t Just Do the Work. ‘Share’ the Work — With the World.

Showing that there are real, talented humans behind your brand makes it relatable. Customers can see your values, passions, and personality firsthand, meaning that they can identify with your mission. And when people identify with something, they want to be a part of it.


We talked to experts from new-age medicine to leadership coaches and nutritionists, to get advice on how to be more productive. Experiment with which method works best for you.

The 5 People You Must Have in Your Network

The term “mentor” dates back to Homer’s Odyssey. But the world of work has changed, and you no longer need a mentor: You need your own personal board of directors.

Stephen King’s 20 Rules for Writers

In one of my favorite Stephen King interviews, for The Atlantic, he talks at length about the vital importance of a good opening line. “There are all sorts of theories,” he says, “it’s a tricky thing.” “But there’s one thing” he’s sure about: “An opening line should invite the reader to begin the story. It should say: Listen. Come in here. You want to know about this.”

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