How Socially Connected Are Baby Boomers? Here’s Plenty of Resources to Answer That Question

Every now and then I run across a business article that is so full of useful information across a broad spectrum of topics, that I bookmark it, refer back to it for its great insights, and ultimately share it. This is one such article I am sure you will agree with me when I say each reference in the article is information in and of itself is interesting and valuable to the bloggers, podcasters, and marketers among us, and those who work with the baby boomer generation.

I’ve shared it by posting it under the resources of the Silver Founder Academy Learn page, under the resource heading of Social Media and Marketing. The title of the article is: Round UP:  Getting Social with Baby Boomers.

Additional Resources

I’ve also added the links below from the references in the article as additional resources for you.  Here are the links and what the rich information offers:

7 Tips for Marketing Your Content to Baby Boomers (And Why You Should)

This article reviews tips to improve the usefulness of your content, such as choosing good headlines, don’t use abbreviations, and create more blog posts and even videos.

4 Ways Data Can Influence Consumers Along Their Buying Journey

The take away:  target your loyal consumers, while enticing new ones. (Obvious advice, but good reading.)

2018 Stats:  Social Media Network Usage by Age Group

The bottom line:  7 out of 10 individuals across all age groups use social media. This article uses Pew Research.

Wake-up call:  These Women Want Cars and Have Money

Although individual women ages 50 to 70 may still be youthful and vibrant (think Jessica Lange, Iman, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, and Diane Keaton), some companies think marketing to them is not.  Wrong!

Influencer Marketing:

Beyond Millennials:  Influencer Marketing For Older Generations

Who are influencers and what does marketing to the older generations have to do with them?

Older Women Are Instagram Influencers, Too

Though Instagram is probably the most popular platform for the younger people, there are incredibly large and influential older women championing the app with millions of followers.

Use of Videos in Marketing

Why Brands Marketing To Baby Boomers Need To Use Video

Boomers have money to spend and the time to do so, making them a viable target for marketers, especially female Baby Boomers, and more than half use their smartphones and over one-third use another mobile device.

I don’t always find one article loaded with useful information like this one, with references to supporting information and focused on marketing to baby boomers.

Speaking of useful information – here’s a blog and a book I’d like to Recommend

This blog I follow consistently, and I always come up with new ideas from the fresh ideas offered in the blog: For The Interested by Josh Spector. 

I signed up for his newsletter, so once a week, on Mondays, he sends out his list of interesting ideas.  He always includes an insightful quote, like this one: 

“You are as much defined by the things you don’t do as by the things you do.”Tessa Thompson

Finally, I’m listening to an audiobook that I found so interesting I turned around and bought the print copy.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger.  If you read Make it Stick: Why Some Thing Take Hold and Others Come Unstuck, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, and The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, by Malcolm Gladwell, Contagious fits into that genre of books on why some stories, trends, behaviors are shared and even go viral, over others. 

What’s different about Contagious is the author’s more up-to-date research-based conclusions.  From his years of research, he uncovered a pattern in what stories were inherently shared, and he offers it in the form of a method or process individuals and organizations could use to produce more shareable content.

As much as I religiously purchase digital over print copies of books, (at least 250 on my iPad), occasionally I’ll buy a print version. And only recently, since I’m traveling a bit more, I’ve turned to audiobooks as well.  But Contagious is one of those books I have both the audio and print versions. 

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