Expanding Resources

Silver Founder Academy is expanding the resources, adding articles, podcasts and topics regarding starting a business after the age of 50.  No doubt the information is relevant to all [...]

Hello? | Maya Angelou

When Maya Angelou spoke at a small community center in Texas, in the 90s, I was on the front row. I don’t remember much about the venue, nor the overall event that brought me to her reading, [...]

Willie’s Still Standing

“I don’t want to be the last man standing.  Or wait a minute, maybe I do. If you don’t mind I’ll start a new line and decide after thinking it through.”* *Willie Nelson’s newest song at 85 years [...]

MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses

When I first began my own continuing education, especially learning as much as I could about starting a business and about entrepreneurship, and I wanted to learn something more than what I had [...]

The Three Stages of Life After 50

The Transitions Between Here and There You know the feature on Facebook where you are shown a picture you posted in the past, and then you’re asked if you want to share it, again?  Most recently, [...]

Aging Workforce

Paul was a director of operations in a large company.  He was called into a meeting, which he thought would be a planning session.  It turned out he was fired.  Unexpectedly. After 40 plus years [...]

Try, Fail, Learn, then Try Again

In Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crushing It, one piece of advice he gives in the quest to become a great entrepreneur is being unafraid of making mistakes.  That advice touched a raw space I didn’t [...]

Why is entrepreneurship so popular?

When the Small Business Administration puts out the stats that 99 percent of all businesses in the US are small businesses, to me this sounds so impressive that I think, “well, I can join in [...]

The Picture of an Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur with 17 years in teaching entrepreneurship and want to share my skills, knowledge, and resources.  However, I haven’t yet mastered the marketing tools I need in order to [...]

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