Anything New Starts with You

Anita’s journey of finding her next step in entrepreneurship.

“One of the the first video lessons I made for teaching is: do you know yourself?”

Anita Leffel has taught entrepreneurship for years now. The teaching part has been with her since graduating college when Anita went to teach English as a Second Language in Israel. When she came back with her husband, they moved to Texas and started a family. She worked mainly as mid-level management at both nonprofits and for profit organizations. She made a jump into teaching at a university and while doing so realized that’s where she really wanted to be. So, she decided it was time to go back to school, and get her PhD.

While Anita was in school, her husband traveled frequently for work. As a result, not only did school take up space on Anita’s plate, so did single parenting and working full time. During this time, her and her husband worked through changing dynamics in their family as kids grew up, with the changing demands on them both professionally. Entrepreneurship hadn’t entered Anita’s world yet.

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